Service charge arrears

We understand the critical importance of collecting service charge arrears as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is a vital part of the management of a development that it has funds in place to provide services to its residents.

We have specialist software to ensure the earliest possible collection of arrears backed up by a department of experienced staff whose sole purpose is to collect your arrears in the shortest possible time. The head of department is a qualified solicitor of over 24 years experience who oversees the department ensuring the highest possible professional standards are adhered to.

We operate a no recovery no fee policy and in our many years of trading have a near 100% collection rate.

We do not seek any upfront fees or costs when you send us your instruction.

We recover all service charge arrears and costs and allowable administration charges from the flat owner who is in arrears. Should court proceedings be necessary we will only ask for the court fee to issue the claim. In undefended proceedings this will be recovered and reimbursed to you very quickly.

It is only in the rarest of cases that a claim for arrears is defended at court or at the Tribunal. However should a defence be entered we have qualified solicitors specialising solely in this work who can discuss the future progress of the case with you and answer all your questions and who will represent you throughout from start to finish.

Please contact us if you have any questions or enquiries. We look forward to working with you.