Section 20 Consultation

Consultation with flat owners over large scale works or long term agreements

If a management company or freeholder is to carry out major works (that will costs a flat owner £250+) or enter into long term agreements (agreements that go on for more than a year) the law requires that they consult with the flat owners who are going to have to pay.

The consultation procedure is a complex one and can be a minefield for the inexperienced.

From a freeholder or management companies point of view it is important to get it right. Get it wrong and there is a cap on the amount each flat owner will have to pay meaning a management company or freeholder can be left with many tens of thousands of pounds (if not more) of expenditure it can’t recover.

From a flat owners point of view it is important to know your rights to stop you being charged too much for major works or the costs of a long term agreement that you were never consulted over when you should have been.

We have many years experience advising both freeholders, management companies and flat owners of the strict application and requirements of the consultation process.

Whether you are a freeholder, management company director, or a flat owner and major works or long term agreements are proposed, please contact us straight away to make sure your interests are protected.