RTM & Management Companies

Whether you are a director of an RTM Management company or a Management Company set up under a lease, we have a wealth of experience to help you comply with all your legal duties and ensure the smooth running of the company.

We can help and advise in many ways. We can ensure both you and the company do everything the law requires in the carrying out of the management of the company and the provision of services and collection of service charges.

As well as all legal requirements we can also advise on good practice to ensure the smooth running of the affairs of the company and the provision of a good service by the company to the residents that it serves.

Should problems arise for whatever reason, be it a problem with the landlord or with a difficult lessee, we can help you try and reach an early and amicable resolution. If however matters progress to court or a Tribunal we can represent you throughout the proceedings to achieve the most cost efficient and beneficial result possible for you and your fellow residents.

We know the importance of cash flow to the running of the company and the need for all expenditure wherever possible to be recovered to avoid any loss to the service charge fund and at every stage there is total transparency on the costs involved and how they will be met.

Please click on the list of services to the right to explore further how we can help you in respect of any of the particular areas that can arise when acting as a director.