Right to Manage (RTM)

The Right for Flat Owners to Manage their own Buildings

For whatever reason it is sometimes the case that flat owners want to take control of their own affairs and manage their own building. Sometimes it is because they are unhappy with the current management but this is not always the case. Sometimes it is just that they want to control matters themselves.

The law gives the flat owners the right, subject to certain legal requirements, to take control of the management of their building. There does not have to be any fault by the landlord or existing management company.

As can be expected there are a number of legal conditions and requirements and there is a set legal process that must be followed. We have extensive experience of acting for both flat owners who wish to manage their own building and for landlords and management companies who are subject to the right to manage process.

We can advise in clear and straight forward terms on the legal technicalities and the procedure involved.

For flat owners we will ensure the smoothest possible progress through the process thereby achieving the right to manage in the quickest and most cost efficient way possible and preventing any technical mistakes that could otherwise cause the process to fail

For landlord and management companies we will ensure that the legal criteria and conditions are met to ensure the right to manage process has the right to proceed and throughout we will ensure your best interests are protected and that your costs are recovered.

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